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Neck Training — 17 Mar, 2019

Neck Training

Would you dare to ever fight this guy? Probably not. Put your fingers over the sides of his neck and ask yourself the same question. Has the answer changed?

You have finally received the news that neck training is actually a thing and that all those “gym fail” videos were made by ignorant people. Now you wonder if you should try exercising the neck and if that will bring benefits to you. You definitely should, as the benefits are worth it, regardless of your goals.

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Losing Motivation? — 15 Feb, 2019

Losing Motivation?

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, you are bound to have a setback on one occasion at the very least. At least once, you will come to question yourself, wonder why you started working out, all over again. If this has not happened to you yet, you are in luck. However, not for long. This drop in willpower or amount of motivation is normal and happens to everyone. The difference between you and the person who benched 315 back in high school is what you do when you feel low and purposeless in regards of both your gym progress and life in general.

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Losing a Caffeine Addiction: How To — 5 Feb, 2019
Training While Sick — 21 Jan, 2019
Doug Hepburn — 2 Jan, 2019

Doug Hepburn

Many consider Doug Hepburn one of the strongest men to have ever lived. Due to bullying at a young age of 15, Hepburn took up weightlifting as getting strong would silence the bullies. The reasons he was a victim of bullying were not in his control, so he decided to improve upon what was in his control. Born in Canada in 1926, Hepburn moved to the USA while still a child. His foot deformity and visual distortion (cross-eyes) contributed to the bullying, coupled with the fact that he was new in the US, as a Canadian.

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