Smelling Salts

What are they? Smelling salts are more often than not in form of ammonium carbonate. By combining carbon dioxide and ammonium hydroxide, the liquid solution of ammonia, one can produce this main ingredient of most smelling salts. Throughout history,smelling salts have had a multitude of different purposes, most of them involving waking up people who […]

The Deadlift

The simplest yet one of the most respected lifts is precisely the deadlift. This exercise has found its’ way into almost every strength training program there is, and usually, if it is missing from your program, the program needs to be reevaluated. The deadlift allows for almost full body use, unlike any other exercise, and […]

Biological Law of Accommodation

The Biological Law of Accommodation Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky is an authority on this subject as a biomechanist and author of a multitude of indispensable books and studies about the science of strength training. According to Zatsiorsky, the biological law of accommodation manifests in the way that “the response of a biological object to a given […]


Is it okay to round the back during deadlifts? Does it increase the risk of injury? Why is form important? You will find the answer to all of these questions (and many more) below. Exercising too strictly can sometimes prevent you from progressing in the amount you could. Exercising too loosely can sometimes prevent you […]

Bro-Split vs Full-Body

Why is there never a free bench on Mondays? That’s right— it’s Chest Monday. Most lifters in the world train using a method called “the bro-split”. This way of training has the individual focus on a single muscle group per session, with daily workouts: and this is where Chest Monday comes from. The bro-split received […]

George Hackenschmidt

  “The Russian Lion”— as they called him—was a strongman and a wrestler during the traditional phase of the former sport. He was born in the year of 1877, in what was then part of the Russian Empire and of Estonia today. His nickname was ideal as his physique and sheer frame size would be […]


What is Caffeine and How Does It Work? On average, almost every third person in the world drinks a cup of coffee every day[1]. If 100 mg of caffeine per dosage is the average, this would result in over 225 metric tons of it (caffeine) consumed daily, worldwide. It is completely needless to state that […]