The Natty Limit

Breaking the limit

The “Mindset” — 18 May, 2020

The “Mindset”

You know how as soon as you go to bed, you tell yourself how productive you’re going to be tomorrow, or how happy you will be tomorrow, or anything else that has to do with tomorrow? Of course you do! You do it all the time, sometimes without even noticing.

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Shitty Days — 4 May, 2020

Shitty Days

There will always be a day when you feel like crap, like you’ve suddenly dropped the motivation to do anything but stay in bed all day long. Sometimes, that day can turn into a couple of them, or a week. The key in not letting shitty days turn into shitty weeks is to be observant and aware.

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Feeling Embarrassed — 27 Apr, 2020
Energy Boost — 5 Apr, 2020

Energy Boost

This post is about something I’ve recently realized. Given that most of us are (hopefully) trying to stay at home as much as possible, a large portion of us, including myself, have destroyed any sleeping schedule there previously was. Waking up after 12 hours of sleep at 14.00 doesn’t make for a very productive day on its own. Therefore, we need a way to get productive that doesn’t include getting addicted to stimulants.

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Corona – COVID-19 — 30 Mar, 2020