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Training While Sick — 21 Jan, 2019

Training While Sick

You are waking up to your morning alarm. It’s time to exercise. You have packed your gym bag yesterday and you have your pink Himalayan salt ready on the kitchen table. However, something is off. You are freezing although your room is as warm as ever. You have caught a cold. Should you train regardless?

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Doug Hepburn — 2 Jan, 2019

Doug Hepburn

Many consider Doug Hepburn one of the strongest men to have ever lived. Due to bullying at a young age of 15, Hepburn took up weightlifting as getting strong would silence the bullies. The reasons he was a victim of bullying were not in his control, so he decided to improve upon what was in his control. Born in Canada in 1926, Hepburn moved to the USA while still a child. His foot deformity and visual distortion (cross-eyes) contributed to the bullying, coupled with the fact that he was new in the US, as a Canadian.

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