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Reasons To Stay Natural — 19 Dec, 2018

Reasons To Stay Natural

How many times have you considered asking that jacked friend about where he gets his “supplements”? If none, congratulations, you are an exception to the rule! The majority of lifters who have decided upon staying natural have once thought about giving up their natural status. Some of them will give in with time, but some will stay out of the reach of PEDs for the rest of their lives. We are here to provide you with motivation and reasons to stay natural and to teach you about the risks of not doing so. Why should you stay natural? As the health reasons are the most expected ones, we have decided on going over that topic last.

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Gaining Weight — 6 Dec, 2018

Gaining Weight

How difficult is it for you to gain weight? If moving up the scale by a few kilograms every month presents no issues for you, this article may not be relevant for you. This is mostly for those who call themselves “hardgainers”.They claim that they eat like pigs yet cannot seem to gain any mass, regardless if it is muscle or fat. Furthermore, many of these “hardgainers” give up on their goals instead of doing more research and getting to know their body.Instead of fixing the problems they may have, they give up. The things that could possibly make it difficult to gain weight are many, but some are more relevant than others are.

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