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Spotting – Bench Press — 22 Nov, 2018

Spotting – Bench Press

Specialist (SPC) Brian Buss. 

“It was all you bro!”

— Your spotter that decided to row the barbell off your chest for no apparent reason. One thing is for sure: you can never be sure if your spotter is “that” type of person or not, and checking before it is too late is crucial to both keeping your sanity and crushing that PR at the same time. Why do some people do this? It is hard to say. Some do it out of fear; they do not want you to get hurt. Others do not know any better and sincerely believe that that is how bench-press spotting should look like. How are you supposed to spot someone, anyways?

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Smelling Salts — 15 Nov, 2018

Smelling Salts

Even used in the NFL!

What are they? Smelling salts are more often than not in form of ammonium carbonate. By combining carbon dioxide and ammonium hydroxide, the liquid solution of ammonia, one can produce this main ingredient of most smelling salts. Throughout history,smelling salts have had a multitude of different purposes, most of them involving waking up people who have fainted. Dentists used them to wake up their patientsafter their procedures, before anesthesia became commonplace. Boxing coaches have used them to wake up their beat-up boxers, before smelling salts received a ban in most federations. Football and hockey players still use them as stimulants to perform better and feel more awake. However, the ones who stereotypically use and abuse the smelling salts are powerlifters and strongmen.

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The Deadlift —

The Deadlift

“Is sumo cheating?”

The simplest yet one of the most respected lifts is precisely the deadlift. This exercise has found its’ way into almost every strength training program there is, and usually, if it is missing from your program, the program needs to be reevaluated. The deadlift allows for almost full body use, unlike any other exercise, and is therefore irreplaceable by other lifts. No other exercise, including the squats, engages the musculature of the whole body in the way and the amount that the deadlift does.

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Biological Law of Accommodation — 13 Nov, 2018

Biological Law of Accommodation

A graph that shows the rate of diminishing improvement in maximal strength as duration of exposure to unchanging stimulus increases.

The Biological Law of Accommodation

Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky is an authority on this subject as a biomechanist and author of a multitude of indispensable books and studies about the science of strength training. According to Zatsiorsky, the biological law of accommodation manifests in the way that “the response of a biological object to a given constant stimulus decreases over time. Thus, accommodation is the decrease in response of your body to a constant continued stimulus. In training, the stimulus is physical exercise”. In other words, keeping the stimulus the same will not result in the same results over time, due to something called homeostasis. Continue reading

Form — 9 Nov, 2018



Is it okay to round the back during deadlifts? Does it increase the risk of injury? Why is form important? You will find the answer to all of these questions (and many more) below. Exercising too strictly can sometimes prevent you from progressing in the amount you could. Exercising too loosely can sometimes prevent you from exercising due to injury. Balance is key, as it is with everything else.

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