Stats Are Useless

Some time ago, Jeff Cavaliere made a video regarding his stats, including his weight, which is what inspired this article. He discussed the fact that people have both under- and overestimated his stats explaining how what matters more than the total mass itself is the lean mass, or the body fat percentage. Today, I want […]

The #1 Useless Supplement

Ever since “fat burning” pills came to be, both bodybuilders and fat people have used and abused them. It is not rare to see a fat person who is trying to lose weight or a regular bodybuilder, with heart issues created due to the abuse of these substances. However, is the blame theirs completely? This […]

Get Rid of Bad Habits

Or rather, make it as hard as possible to do them. . . Our whole society is based on instant rewards and this has been a case for quite a while now. While functioning in this way has it’s advantages, there are a number of drawbacks that also come into play. The cost of instant […]

Neck Training

You have finally received the news that neck training is actually a thing and that all those “gym fail” videos were made by ignorant people. Now you wonder if you should try exercising the neck and if that will bring benefits to you. You definitely should, as the benefits are worth it, regardless of your […]

Losing Motivation?

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, you are bound to have a setback on one occasion at the very least. At least once, you will come to question yourself, wonder why you started working out, all over again. If this has not happened to you yet, you are in luck. However, not for long. […]

Losing a Caffeine Addiction: How To

Why? You may be overwhelmed to find out that your brand new preworkout that cost you $50 is doing you more harm than good in the long run. As you may know, the main ingredient of most such supplements is caffeine, a chemical responsible for the wakefulness and alertness that the preworkout gives you, also […]

Training While Sick

You are waking up to your morning alarm. It’s time to exercise. You have packed your gym bag yesterday and you have your pink Himalayan salt ready on the kitchen table. However, something is off. You are freezing although your room is as warm as ever. You have caught a cold. Should you train regardless? […]