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Metal Music is Bad!? — 9 Dec, 2019

Metal Music is Bad!?

Once in a while, a crime occurs during the research of which it is discovered that the criminal is an avid lover of the musical genre known as Heavy Metal. What often ensues is the bashing of this music, both by media and otherwise. Have you ever heard Heavy Metal called satanic, pointless, evil or just noise? Those who have not are either living under a rock or in heaven.

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Rack Pull Above the Knee — 11 Oct, 2019

Rack Pull Above the Knee

For the last couple of years, the movement now known as a rack pull above the knee has gained a significant amount of controversy regarding its safety, effectiveness and aesthetics. Many lifters with respectable amounts of followers have ridiculed this exercise and those who perform it, for an amount of different arguments. These arguments include the following, sorted in no particular order:

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Stats Are Useless — 23 Jun, 2019

Stats Are Useless

Some time ago, Jeff Cavaliere made a video regarding his stats, including his weight, which is what inspired this article. He discussed the fact that people have both under- and overestimated his stats explaining how what matters more than the total mass itself is the lean mass, or the body fat percentage. Today, I want to make a different yet similar argument: the only thing that matters is how you look— not the scale, not your height, not your body fat percentage. If you look at yourself in the mirror and you are satisfied, than that is all that matters.

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The #1 Useless Supplement — 4 May, 2019

The #1 Useless Supplement

Ever since “fat burning” pills came to be, both bodybuilders and fat people have used and abused them. It is not rare to see a fat person who is trying to lose weight or a regular bodybuilder, with heart issues created due to the abuse of these substances. However, is the blame theirs completely? This type of supplement has been in the market and advertisements for years, presented as a requirement for losing excess fat. Most of the people promoting these are not very educated on the topic and believe in things like spot-reduction. Ignorant people spreading their misinformation to ignorant people creates opportunities for even teenagers getting involved in this trend of trying to exchange progress at the gym for money. Why are the “fat burning” pills bad?

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Get Rid of Bad Habits — 5 Apr, 2019

Get Rid of Bad Habits

Or rather, make it as hard as possible to do them. . .

Our whole society is based on instant rewards and this has been a case for quite a while now. While functioning in this way has it’s advantages, there are a number of drawbacks that also come into play. The cost of instant rewards is most usually addiction, which has its’ own consequences. These instant rewards can come from food, sex, social media and many other things, as long as it releases high amounts of dopamine as soon as you do it. This is why many more people are addicted to Instagram than are to reading books. How does one go about getting rid of these dopamine addictions?

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